Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I shall not ask for my rights
They aren’t yours to give
They’re mine to take
So rise, my brothers and sisters
And march forth to take what’s yours
What was never theirs to take away
We shall not wait for approval, nor for permission
We’re done waiting, asking, pleading
Haven’t we waited enough, haven’t we had enough?
The time for words is long past
This time, it’s war.

But wait!
Said a lone voice
Before you take up arms
Consider what I have to say
How can you fight hate with more hate?
As long as you hold bitterness in your hearts
And the desire to cause harm,
How are you better than them?
Show them love, show them kindess
Show them reason, and they will see
There is no sword more powerful than a word
Let that word be peace.

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