Monday, November 04, 2013


I wake up and look at the mirror
And find the real me staring back.
"It's been a long time since we met.
You too have fallen for the act."
It is true I realize.

Perhaps one day I shall be brave enough
To let the world see me
And not what I want them to see,
Nor what they want me to be.
And I won't be scared anymore.

But it is not this day.
Today I don my mask,
Fake a smile, put on an act,
And turn to face the audience again.
It's just easier this way.

Note: Yes, the line "But it is not this day" is indeed a reference to Aragorn's speech from the movie The Return of the King.


  1. True, we all don masks to hide our reality.... not only from others, but from ourselves too...

  2. How can we hide from ourselves, you ask?...the mask we use to hide from own self is called 'thoughts'... that is why all the noise about 'know thyself'....

    1. I don't think we hide behind our thoughts. In fact, I believe our thoughts are what define us. Which, of course, means that we can change who we are just by changing the way we think.


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