Monday, January 13, 2014


I nearly walk past her
A poor beggar girl.
She approaches me and tells me
So very respectfully

"Kind Miss, I have two little brothers
And nothing to feed them.
Won't you please spare some money
So I can buy them some bread?"

As she speaks I can see
Her features morphing into my own,
My dreams reflected in her eyes, but crushed.
An alternate universe. Does she see the same?

I look away - down at my hands,
Laden with things I do not need.
Heavier now, I put them down
And give her the money.

Naught have I done to earn a better life.
I have all that I need and could possibly want
When she has nothing.
And she knows that.

It's not fair.
How many times does she think it?
Perhaps she hasn't the time to.
She's too busy trying to stay alive.

Like too many others.

But what can one person do,
In the face of such despair?
Sometimes it's easier
To just not care.

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