Friday, January 31, 2014


As a child, with wide-eyed wonder
I listened to tales
Of bravery and adventure
And swore I'd do it all myself someday

But then I grew up
And forgot all my promises
Picked the safe path
And lived the same story every day

Now I am old and wrinkled
And have no tales to tell of my own
Only advice to give on my tombstone
I played it safe and died anyway.


  1. Everyone has some regrets when looking back at one's life.

    I read somewhere that, 'We don't regret about the things we had done but we regret more about the things we could have but haven't done'

    When I was a kid I too had big dreams, they now are fading away as I am growing up.

    Some lines of my own:

    When you were a kid you had a dream
    you wanted big and not only an ice-cream
    now you are grown up, going with the stream
    you better be a kid go grab it (your dream).
    Just do it! Just do it!! Just do it!!!

    PS: you can sing it as a rap

    Keep Blogging :)

    1. "When I was a kid I too had big dreams, they now are fading away as I am growing up."

      Exactly...dreams shrink as we grow. Sad, isn't it?

      Nice rap :)

    2. It is sad.
      As we grow up we are introduced with the reality. Everybody starts telling us why something is not possible. We are bombarded with the things which tells us why not to leave our boundaries, why not to go for dreaming big etc.
      Media diverts our attention to unworthy things most of the times, it makes us passive, and in all this flow it is pretty obvious that our dreams fade away.
      We are taught to listen to other's opinions and not hot to develop our own opinions.
      I hate all these.

      Thanks for 'rap' thing. I have a complete version of it.

      Keep Blogging :)


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