Friday, February 21, 2014


"Let us kill those who look different
They are not from around here
They are a threat
And threats must be eliminated

Ostracize those who dare to think differently
Because we do not understand them
And any new thought must be dangerous
We like things just the way they are

Burn the witches
Who dare to challenge tradition
There's a reason things are done this way
Even if we can no longer remember it

Imprison those who love differently
Hurt those who live differently
They are not normal
Do you think we can cure them?"

Oh, come on!

What are you so scared of?
What's with all the hate?
How did I ever harm you?
How would you like to be on the other side?

I am not so different from you
Walk a mile in my shoe
Perhaps then you'll find some empathy
Maybe then you will see

That we're all human
We feel all the same things
And deal with the same struggles
Just trying to make our way through life

If only people understood that
But if that's too hard
The least we could do
Is let each other be

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  1. Ello :)
    The first half is bare truth, laid with honest sharp words(Thats how truth is supposed to be), Thats how the real world works.Infatc thats how the animal world works. I think we are evolved to resent and repell the physical differnce for the fear or unknown. Back then, everything was quick and dead. No mercy no emotions, just food and race for survival. Thts where the innate propensity comes from.

    But being evolved and social, other forms of indifference hav gripped us.Thinking that if someones not doing the way we are doing things, means one is wrong.idk.
    Most traditions were based on the wisdom of illiterate farmers thousands of years back,so i guess one must use their with to not follow em blindly. But again, if u do so, they'll indifferent you.

    Second part is sooo rationale! Great job on that.

    Thats the best line in the poem, I think,
    "am not so different from you
    Walk a mile in my shoe"

    We can never really, undersatnd or judge or comprehend anyone, unless we have walked his shoes.And not even that, we all act, react, get affected differently. Its itched into the genes at times, so we cant really understand what the person is thinking or feeling.

    Trying to fit in, is whats been a full time job recently. People hating people, for no reason. People being indiffernt and judgemental all the time.

    "Persuit of happiness" is what it is.

    I think sane people understands and respect the indivisuals uniquness. As u said in the last stanza,
    "if only people understood that
    But if that's too hard"

    MOst of them dosent take efforts to know a person. They all go with the perceptions and presumptions about someone based on movies they saw or some character on the TV. It takes effort and time to know someone for real.Rest , just judge from the face value missing the place value , rather heart-value of the person.But its their loss.

    All we can do, is be what we are, as u rightly said -
    "The least we could do
    Is let each other be"
    If people can do that, world will be alot better place.Especially in schools, where bullying is such a big thing. hmm.

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you is the hardest thing of all.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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