Sunday, March 02, 2014

Human after all

An ode to the incomparable Roger Federer

There once lived a player so great
He wielded his racket as if it were a wand
And cast a spell upon all those who looked on.
So talented was he, maestro, they called him
So graceful- poetry in motion, they said
So incredible- a magician, surely!
It was just so easy for him.

Then came a day when the unthinkable happened
As we knew it would - the match was lost.
But we didn't lose faith.
Slowly though, defeat became less scarce
And we ran out of tears
We thought he was done
That we'd have to learn to move on
As would he.

He didn't though.
He played on, just for the love of it
He never lost belief, even when we did
And he rose again, like so many times before
And many times to come
Never have I been so glad
To be proven wrong

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