Saturday, May 03, 2014

In pursuit of happiness?

It is said that happiness is the true goal of life. That no matter what you claim your true purpose is, it always comes back to the same thing- we're all just looking for happiness.

So you find people working hard all their life, doing things they do not like in the belief that at the end of all the misery, they will find happiness. Like life is a treasure map and when you finally dig up the chest and unlock it, you will find true joy. That, of course, never happens. There is no treasure chest at the end of life, there is only a casket.

And then there are those, who run from place to place, and party to party, desperately searching for every moment of joy and so afraid of missing out that they miss the point.

You see, happiness doesn't quite work that way. It isn't lost that it must be found. It hasn't escaped that it must be pursued. It is within you...this hidden potential just waiting to be unlocked. And only you hold the key.

And so I say, happiness isn't the goal of life, it is a way of life.

Update: Also see this video where Alan Watts speaks about money and happiness.

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