Thursday, June 26, 2014

Note to self on being happy

For your happiness
Depend on no one but yourself -
Not an object, not a place, not even a person.
For all of these can be lost
And then where will you be?
It will do you well to learn to find joy within you,
That cannot be taken away, no matter what.
Dependence, after all, is weakness
And you are not weak.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Storyteller

At the sea-side bonfire
On the last day of summer
When we could eat no more
And dance no more

When the last embers of the fire
Flickered strange shadows upon us
There sat the storyteller
Surrounded by his admiring listeners

Some had heard his tales before
And never tired of them
Others, like me, were young and had only heard of him
All waited with abated breath

There was nothing special about him at a glance
He looked like just another fellow
'Twas when he spoke that you knew there was magic there
And that is, after all, what we were waiting for

And so he began to cast his spell
Setting the scene so he could take us along
On a mind-adventure to a far-away land
Both young and old were quickly enthralled

Soon all you could hear was his voice
Punctuated only by the "Ooh"s and "Aah"s
And the laughter and cries that the story commanded
Oh, you would have thought us insane!

And perhaps we were, just for a while
And just as we wished the summer wouldn't have to end
So we wished for a never ending tale
But end it must and end it did - like all good things, as they say

We went home to dreams of enchanted lands
Tomorrow, and reality, were still a few hours away.
None knew if his stories were real
None cared, for they were real to us.