Thursday, June 26, 2014

Note to self on being happy

For your happiness
Depend on no one but yourself -
Not an object, not a place, not even a person.
For all of these can be lost
And then where will you be?
It will do you well to learn to find joy within you,
That cannot be taken away, no matter what.
Dependence, after all, is weakness
And you are not weak.


  1. This is true. This seems to be the most promising form of happiness. But the problem with that is you cannot share or spread it.

    1. Do you not think that being in the presence of truly happy people can also bring you joy?

      And if sharing happiness is what makes you happy, well then you have a very noble sense of happiness and I commend you for that...but to make others happy, don't you first have to be happy yourself?


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