Friday, August 15, 2014

Under the Hood

I woke up today (and no, I won't tell you how late) by the ringing of the door bell. The culprit, it turns out, was a small kid.

"Aunty, there's a cat in your bonnet!"
"A cat. In my car."
"Cat?!" In my defense, it's hard to process weird information so early (okay, late, it was Sunday, give me a break!) in the morning.
"Yes, a little kitten. Stuck inside your bonnet. Please come take her out!"

Now, I'd heard of having a bee in your bonnet, but this is the first time I'd heard of a cat in a bonnet. I thought at first that it was a prank, but its absurdity made me rethink. There are easier ways to pull a prank on an "Aunty". Besides, I was curious, and this could quickly become a case of the lack of curiosity killing the cat.

So down we went to investigate the situation.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think cars are supposed to go "meow" (I would probably have had to pay extra for such a feature). Yet, a cat inside the bonnet sounded mighty suspicious.

I looked for a cat under the car, around the car, searched for some recorder stuck on the car (I hadn't quite ruled out prank yet) and even tried meowing at the car (there was no real reason for this, but it was cool to hear it meow back!).

Convinced, I opened the hood, unsure of what I might find. And there she was. An adorable ginger cat looking really lost, and really scared, the poor thing. She ran away as soon as she saw her chance, probably trying to escape the horrid creatures that built this alluringly warm cage to trap her in.

In conclusion:

Lesson of the day: Meow at your car before starting it, you never know what's hidden under the hood.

Lesson 2 of the day: Trust little kids to tell the truth about trapped kittens, even if they do call you "Aunty".

Lesson 3 of the day: You're getting older everyday *sigh*.

On Learning

The ignorance of your own ignorance
Is perhaps the greatest hindrance
You will face on your quest for enlightenment

Because your ego gets in the way
And your fear gets in the way
And it's so hard for you to admit

That you had it all wrong
Misunderstood it all along
Or that you just don't know

But it's alright, don't you see?
To fail terribly, miserably
Is step one to getting wiser

Because you don't know it all
No one does, after all
And knowing that, that is the secret.

Note: You can't get up if you don't know you're down.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Never enough

He wanders, getting lost
Knowingly, into the Unknown

He jumps, and falls
Fearlessly, into his greatest fears

His nemesis is time, there's never enough
Always on the run, he'll never be done

His comfort is in the unfamiliar
His friends among strangers

Everyone knows him
Yet no one does truly

He dances with Death
And that's when he feels most alive

He finds victory in surrender
And joy in being dissatisfied