Sunday, December 21, 2014


Shivering hands and a quivering voice
As he stood to face his greatest foe
No sword in hand, nor armor, nor shield
Not that they would help him in this battlefield

As he looked around him, he saw only staring eyes
Expectant, hungry, waiting to tear him apart
The longer he waited, the worse it would be
He cursed himself - what sort of hero was he?

When at last he oped his mouth, he found
That he was abandoned by his own tongue - the traitor!
And then he looked down as if to check whether
His belly really had turned yellow, betraying him further

This was too much, he must muster his pride
So he looked around to find a familiar face
And he did- one that seemed to encourage
And there was another - perhaps he could find his courage

Perhaps they wouldn't laugh
Perhaps they wouldn't judge
He was among friends here, and hey,
Since when did he care what anyone thought anyway?

And so he took in a great long breath
And said his piece, received his applause
He no longer remembers what it was that he said
Only his triumph at having overcome his dread

Note: Public speaking nightmares...(sigh)

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    I am sure I know this guy.


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