Friday, March 13, 2015


It was just a routine day
The same as any other day
I woke up with a gasp
From my worst nightmare
The bad dream that was my life

Where was I? Why was I?
This isn't what I'd planned
My dreams were so small
My worries - my self! -
So puny, so insignificant

I spent all day swimming in my thoughts
And such nasty, hateful thoughts at that
The waves of venom crashed over me
Drowning me, carrying me away
To the shores of despair and self-pity

And was I a pitiful creature!
The rear-view showed naught but regret
And the path ahead, the same but worse
But worst of all was my present
So selfish was I, so ungrateful, so unseeing

The mirror, too, disapprovingly reflected my image
Almost as if showing me what I had become
I could see the ugliness there
Colored by envy, cowardice and inaction
I watched this rainbow, counting the colors

Then stepped out and counted the stars
The birds, the trees, the blades of grass
For a moment detached, not *me*
For a moment just there, just then
And I laughed at myself, and hit reset.

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