Sunday, June 21, 2015


Do you always do as you're told?
Twist yourself to fit the mold
Of the conventionally rebellious and the appropriately bold?

Have you heard them tell you
To do as the Romans do?
That being Other, being different, is taboo?

Wouldn't you rather be a mutation?
A freak, an aberration?
A ripple in this eerily calm ocean

Of conformity and uniformity
Whose waves of monotony
Will lull you to a slumber of comfortable apathy?

Wake up!  Rise!
Don't be so easily satisfied!
Distracted by the self-serving lies

Of those too afraid, too comfortable
To permit change that might make unstable
The very foundations of their power, their labels

And change the world as they know it.
Say there's a different way, and show it!
You have one chance, one life: don't blow it.

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