Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stories (Part 2) - Tenderfoot

It was as if she'd fallen into one of her books,
Like Bilbo, she was off on her very first adventure
With a heart full of joy at the rush of escape
And a head full of excitement at the thought of novelty

She'd never seen Nature up close before
She was a tourist here, a stranger, a curious curiosity
With fledgling eyes she looked around
Verifying if reality lived up to her imagination

Life crawled out to welcome her
Benevolent trees showed her the way
Paving her path with their crimson leaves
Like a red carpet, her own yellow brick road

She walked on clouds, for real this once
She walked uncertainly, as if for the first time
She walked hopefully, wishing it were true
She walked on and on, not daring to believe

Surely she'd wake to find it was all a dream?
Her Wonderland but a happy mirage?
No alarm buzzed, but she had been awakened
This time she fell asleep reading her own story

Note: Obvious Hobbit, Oz and Alice references.

Note 2: Here's Part 1  

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