Thursday, August 20, 2015

The sea conquerer

She was mesmerized by the sea, it was sparkling
With jewels borrowed from the sun
She was drawn to it, it was calling
Whispering its pretty secrets to her

Fear hesitated, curiosity won out
She stood near the sea shells, smelling the summer
No, she resolved, she wouldn't go too far out
And watched as parched sand welcomed the water

She listened to the music of the waves
And didn't notice the tide rising
Until her feet the salt water laved
Waking her from her peaceful musing

Childish fright rose again in alarm
She ignored it with a careless brush
Mere water could do her no harm
"It isn't so bad", said she, "grow up!"

She walked forth to meet the sea
With head aloft, and hands that shivered
She walked slowly, uncertainly
Then laughed with the joy of a fear conquered

Bolder now, she was floating free
Under the vastness of the blushing sky
For time had lulled even the sun to sleep
And she too slumbered in the cradle of life

Monday, August 10, 2015


She was new everyday
Trying to be someone else
It wasn't that she was looking for herself
But that she didn't like what she'd found
She was creating herself