Saturday, October 24, 2015


As a child, he was a sickly little thing
Burning with a forever fever
Sneezing lava all over the place
He trembled and shook, in a morbid dance

Then one day, he happened upon
The love of his life, his other half
Sparks flew when they met and it was beautiful
But alas, as great love stories go, his love left him

And so he cried and he cried
Until he had finally had enough
And grew up, and toughened up
With a hard shell and a brave face

But each night, to this day
He dreams of his torn, sweet love
Its brilliant memory reflected in the pools
Of tears that rise and fall in memory of their song

Wiser now, he still dances, tilting into winter
Somersaulting through the day
Serenely like a lonely beach ball
Floating in the unending sea of space

Telling everyone his tale, as old people are wont to do
And ignored by the young, as is tradition
He is sick now, but they think he's just grumpy
Until he shall be no more, and neither shall they

Note: For those who've forgotten their science lessons, here's a cool video on formation of the Earth

Friday, October 23, 2015

Not good enough

Do you know what it's like
To never be enough?
Never really good,
Just "good enough"?

And do you know what it's like
When you try so hard
And you feel like you're doing better
Only to be given a D minus on your card?

When it doesn't even matter
That the bar is set lower
For you because they don't expect
You to be good enough, ever?

And you believe them.

Thursday, October 08, 2015


Reality comes a-calling
You leave the phone ringing
You're too busy dreaming
Too busy not screaming
You keep going back to it
To that which promised
To heal, and for a while does
And which forever after hurts
It carries you up, you're so high
Then goes missing, says good bye
And drops you down from ever greater heights
Hurts more every single time
Each time you swear was the last time
You lie, just like it does when it shows you
What each knows can never be true
You feed off of the hallucinations
Hopelessly addicted to hopeful visions
But, you see, it's quite all right
For without it you wouldn't make it another night