Saturday, November 14, 2015


When one is struck suddenly
By the painful malady of misery
And there's nothing to make it better
But to chew its pill bitter

There comes a time in such ruminating
After replaying and reliving everything
When one looks back, as a detective
Coldly and calmly for reasons effective

To find some single cause, something to blame
So as to balm the wound and lessen the pain
Somewhere to direct all that hate
After a while, this too shall abate

But when such recriminations
Result in slightly different conclusions
And it is found that all blame lies
Not outward but within, you apologize

For inadvertently making those scars
Never to be forgiven, for it is who you are
At fault. Misery returns, this time two-fold
The pain never leaves, self-hate takes hold

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