Saturday, November 14, 2015

To Have and To Lose

'Tis rightly said that true, lasting joy
Is a blessing few are familiar with
Like a secret shared only within the inner circles
Unguarded but unknown, seen but unheard

Not that the rest of us are so unfortunate
In our own pursuits of happiness
But, if that treasure is found, it is mere change
In comparison to the wealth of the ecstatically affluent

And envy though this may spark in the world
Its wonder and delight light a fire of their own
Whose warmth too spreads a few riches
Spilled as if from coffers that can hold no more

Ecstasy is the domain of a few
And perhaps it is rightly so
For it can be as violent and volatile
As it is beautiful and brilliant

And to lose it, once it is yours
No curse as great can there be
For it is worse to have had and lost
Than to never have known it at all

Just as poverty can break
A prince sooner than a pauper
So too does one who feels greater joy
Cry sooner than one indifferent

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