Thursday, March 24, 2016


He looks so wise
With his old man's eyes
Those windows into a battered soul
Blazing so bright, I can look no more

He smiles and is a child again
So young, barely nine or ten
He plays so happily, gaily
Like he hasn't just lost home and family

One time he tells me he doesn't cry
He's learned it doesn't work, that's why
Another time he says he isn't afraid
That he's going to learn to be strong instead

He is wiser than he should be
Seen things that never should've been
But wisdom seldom comes to those with closed eyes
So I turn my gaze back to those old man's eyes

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Glory past

The old man smiles
Thinking of the past
When he was king
But all that's passed

He frowns at the present
Things have changed
He's now past his prime
He doesn't matter anymore

He sighs because he knows
There's no going back
His servants now rule
The land that was once his alone

He looks back and forth
And in that moment wisdom shines
You don't move forward
By walking around in circles

And lost glory shall not be regained by repeating history.