Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Do I believe in fate?

I know that the fate of two, when three is added to it, is to become five.

That the fate of a piece of sodium that dives into a glass of water is to burn.

And that every reaction of elements and forces has some predetermined, and predictable outcome (quantum weirdness aside... I won't go into what I do not (yet) understand).

If we accept that universal laws bind us and everything that surrounds us, then everything that happens has a "fate". And if everything that happens has a cause, as logic tells us it should, because everything must come from something, then perhaps everything is indeed predestined, and that from the moment the universe was created, everything has been leading into this one moment where I almost accept that there is such a thing as fate.

But I cannot believe that everything is predestined. I cannot live without belief in free will: there would be no point to life otherwise.

Perhaps it is my fate to believe that I shall write my own destiny.

P.S. Apparently, Kant said that although we may not be able to prove free will using science, that it is necessary to believe in free will for moral responsibility. I think it is necessary to believe in free will to breathe.

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